Asbestos Consultant Services

PA Safety Services can undertake a range of Asbestos Services including:

  • Asbestos Surveys.
  • Asbestos Testing.
  • Asbestos Management.
  • Asbestos Awareness Training.
  • Non Licensable Work with Asbestos including NNLW Training

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 put even greater stress on industry training, asbestos awareness training and asbestos management in the UK.

We understand the pressures experienced when it comes to getting the job done and our long term relationships with a great many clients serve as testament to our continued success and the results we strive to deliver in this specialist field.

Asbestos Survey

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and more specifically Regulation 4:Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic properties, sets a legal requirement for owners and occupiers of non domestic buildings to have an Asbestos Survey and up to date Asbestos Register in place. These must form the basis of a detailed asbestos management plan that outlines how you intend to monitor and manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that may be present within your premises or estate.

The HSE is the body responsible for enforcing compliance with the regulations and stiff penalties are awarded to persons who fail to ensure the safety of their staff and others present on site.

Many millions of tonnes of asbestos containing materials remain within premises across the UK and it is vital to the health of employees, tradesmen and emergency services that you are aware of the location, extent and condition of all asbestos within your premises. If you are an employer or are self employed and have some or all of the responsibility for conducting repairs upon your premises you may well be the "Duty Holder" in which case any legal responsibility for ensuring your asbestos survey has been conducted will rest with you.

Anyone conducting repairs and routine maintenance within your premises has the potential to be exposed to any ACMs that may be present. You must make your asbestos survey available to them so that they can be sure that they are not putting themselves or others at risk from the work they are planning.

Conducting asbestos surveys will often be our client's first step toward effective asbestos management by identifying the asbestos containing materials they have within their premises.

PA Safety Services has experienced asbestos surveyors, who each hold the P402 Proficiency Certificate in Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for asbestos as a minimum.

To suit all requirements we offer a variety of asbestos surveys as defined in the HSE Document. The type of asbestos survey you require will depend upon the task you have in hand.

  • Managment Survey - Identification & Assessment Asbestos Survey (Possible Sampling where appropriate)
  • Refurbishment & Demolition Survey - Full Access / Intrusive Sampling and Identification Asbestos Survey Pre-demolition or Major Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

If you would like further information regarding asbestos surveys or your individual asbestos testing / sampling requirements please feel free to contact our dedicated staff.

For further information on PA Safety Services undertaking an Asbestos Survey or to discuss your individual requirements please contact our office on 01935 412545 or alternatively