CDM Consultancy

The CDM Principal Designers's role is to advise and assist the Client & Designers to discharge their duties and is the key pivitol on ensuring construction Health and Safety Risk Management.

Another main responsibility is to ensure that all those who carry out design work on a project, particularly during the design phase, work together and pay adequate regard to the need to reduce risk wherever possible. By doing this, Principal Designers can make a significant contribution to reducing the risks to workers carrying out construction work and may reduce the overall Construction cost. The earlier the involvement of the princip the greater the opportunity to ensure that hazards are being eliminated and risks reduced.

We believe that the Independent Principal Designer is best placed to influence the designers risk management process because there is no conflict of interest between Health and Safety considerations and financial constraints.

PA Safety Services Provide:

  • Carrying out the function of Principal Designer 
  • Assisting 'in-house' Designers
  • Advising on CDM related issues
  • CDM Awareness Training

Duties Under CDM 2015

The CDM Regulations apply to ALL construction/refurbishment jobs except for domestic clients commissioning work on their own homes.

There is heavy emphasis on the need for appropriate levels of 'competence' under the CDM Regulations, so if you are not sure of what you are doing? You are obliged to get advice from someone who does.

In addition, where a job is over 30 days or 500 man-days, then the job becomes notifiable (to the HSE).

For further information on any aspect of CDM 2015 or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact our office on 01935 412545 or alternatively email